Chassis Processador de Vídeo Modular 4U com 52 portas



It’s a high performance video processing workstation with pure hardware architecture for spectacular video wall displaying which can be employed in fields including education and research, government announcement, information publishing, exhibition and show, controlling and commanding center, security monitoring, etc. Advanced image processing technologies such as high definition video signal collecting, real time and high resolution digital image processing. It also employs large-capacity, high-speed FPGA and CrossPoint switch to ensure the real-time processing of all input signal and the consistency of the data, leading to no image delay, discretization, frame loss, which guarantee excellent video displaying.



  • FPGA pure hardware architecture with modular chassis
  • Supports to open 4 windows on screen
  • Supports PIP, cross-screen, and IP input
  • Supports up to Video wall groups(up to 4 groups) management
  • Supports the PC software/ APP/ RS232 control
  • Supports scrolling text and background image(*need optional function card)
  • Supports the multiple users with different level rights login


Chassis Size 4U
Input slots number 8(up to 32)
Output slots number 5(up to 18)
Control RS232, LAN, WEB GUI for Scenes
Dimension(cm) 41*31*17.8
Weight(kg) 15
Power Supply 100VAC–240VAC 50/60Hz
Working Humidity 10%-90%
Temperature -10℃-50℃
Storage -20℃-75℃



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